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The Big Elephant Group


When developing your website there are 4 areas we look at to ensure it reaches its potential and fulfils your goals. There steps are:

1. Website Design

The first thing we consider is the look and feel of your website. By having an intelligently designed and visually appealing website, your customers/clients will find it easy to find the information that they are looking for, while your brands quality is reinforced in their subconscious. This will help lead to an increase in sales and/or leads. This includes both the physical layout such as where the menu goes, how it works, where the main content is etc... And it includes the visual imagery and branding.
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2. Website Development

When building your website, it's important that the site works well across all browsers & platforms and that the site is built in a way which adheres to search engine guidelines. We build our sites to do this, as well as tailoring them to perform the roles in which you need them too.
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3. Online Marketing

Once your website is live it's time to promote it. This can be done through search engine optimisation or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online Advertising (such as Pay-Per-Click advertising including Google Adwords and or strategically placed banner ads) and e-mail marketing.
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4. Analysis

Finally what good would all this be if you weren't able to analyse your results. We can find out where your traffic is coming from, how long the average person spends on your site and how many pages they look at, what keywords are working for you and much more. This information helps you keep up with trends as they change and allows you to make the most of your technology.
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We specialise in brand development, graphic design, corporate identity, logo design, brochure and promotional literature. With over 25 years of experience and a passionate team we deliver creative solutions
Our web team will help you to tailor an online solution that is right for your business.
Whether its a hard cover book or a creative die cut mailer we have access to some of the finest printers around Australia. We are also able to print in China, the USA, and South Africa.
We have designed and built exhibition stands from small to some of the biggest. Gathering numerous gold medals for design along the way