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The Big Elephant Group


Whether you are running an online ad, a magazine ad or an ad on radio that is directing traffic to your website, measuring how well your marketing is working is very important. With elephantSTATS you get a monthly report which will have information on the number of visitors to your site, their behaviours (such as how long they stay on the site and what pages they look at), conversion rates (we can setup goals that measure how many go through to certain pages such as contact pages or signup pages) and more. We will interpret these stats for you so you can determine exactly what needs to be done to improve your marketing strategy.

We specialise in brand development, graphic design, corporate identity, logo design, brochure and promotional literature. With over 25 years of experience and a passionate team we deliver creative solutions
Our web team will help you to tailor an online solution that is right for your business.
Whether its a hard cover book or a creative die cut mailer we have access to some of the finest printers around Australia. We are also able to print in China, the USA, and South Africa.
We have designed and built exhibition stands from small to some of the biggest. Gathering numerous gold medals for design along the way